Viruskenner is a competition for high school students interested in science, who wish to gain knowledge on (exotic) viruses. How do viral infections spread, what is their effect on the human and animal body, how do people get infected, and foremost: how to cure people or prevent them from falling ill?

Each year schools in the Netherlands, Suriname, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa, consisting of over 5000 students, take part in the Viruskenner project! They are supported by Viruskenner coaches, who assist them wherever they can! Eventually, there will be several winners in each country, who will be announced during the official Viruskenner Final Day:

• Best solution design
• Best content
• Most innovative product
• Final Day Quiz winner

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Viruses exist globally, but the Viruskenner team operates globally as well! Our reporter Valéry has been busy answering the questions below with the help of researchers and doctors from all over the world. Watch this video and go through the Learning tools to learn more about viruses and transmission routes. Will you help us fighting infectious diseases?


Virussen komen wereldwijd voor. Het Viruskenner-team is ook wereldwijd actief. Onze reporter Valéry is bezig geweest om belangrijke vragen over virussen te beantwoorden met behulp van onderzoekers en dokters van over de hele wereld. Help jij ons met het bestrijden van infectieziekten? Bekijk dan eerst het leermateriaal!

Viruskenner 2017 Kick-Off in Indonesia

Yesterday was the day all students of SMA16 and the Viruskenner-Team looked so much forward to: the day that the Kick-Off of Viruskenner 2017 finally took place in Surabaya, Indonesia with all classes from X-MIA- classes. But not only the…

What does the Viruskenner team do more?

Are you wondering what the Viruskenner team of the Viroscience department in the Erasmus Medical Center does more, except organising Viruskenner? The Erasmus Magazine had an interview with Professor van Gorp. Read his story here!…