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Hi there! On this page we have collected relevant resources for you to get started with the Viruskenner project. If you are not participating in the Viruskenner project, these resources will still give you relevant information about viral diseases, which you can use for your own (school) projects. We especially advice you to dive into our Learning materials, which consist of fun video’s and lots of interesting information. Check out our resources below!


At the start of every new edition of the Viruskenner project, we ask all participants to complete the pretest. The answers give us useful information about the expectations of the participants in the project and the amount of prior knowledge they already have. The answers are stored anonymously, so we want to ask you to answer the questions fairly. You can choose to interrupt the pre-test at any time. Thank you!

Learning materials

When you are investigating viruses, there are a lot of relevant questions to be asked. If you are partaking in the Viruskenner project, your group gets assigned one out of 8 research questions. To help you get started, we made a learning page for each of the 8 questions. Make sure not only to visit the page that is relevant for your group, but to look into the information on the other pages too. During the Final day of the project we will put your overall knowledge of viruses to the test with a quiz!


Viruskenner organises each year the Viruskenner masterclass. Do you want to learn more about diseases as HIV, how to fight the stigma/taboo and dive deeper into the world of infectious diseases? Watch the Viruskenner masterclass videos, to get a first impression of how the live masterclasses work!


After the final day of the Viruskenner project we invite all participants to complete this questionnaire. Based on these questions and the answers from you as a participant, we can get a good impression of what you have learned and what we can learn from you! So don’t forget to fill in this questionnaire.

Thank you!


All your questions and comments can be posted in the forum. Our Viruskenner coaches will do their best to answer your questions. You can also discuss your specific subject / transmission route here with teams from other schools. Are you not participating in the official Viruskenner project? Then take a look around and collect useful information!

Other resources we love to visit

To help you to find good resources, we have selected our favorites for you!

Sites that we recommend to visit to dive further into the world of viruses.