Welcome to the Learning materials! To investigate the specific virus that has been assigned to you as a team, or viruses in general, we advise you to look at and read these research questions. Viruses exist globally, but the Viruskenner team operates globally as well! Our reporter Valéry has been busy answering the questions below with the help of researchers and doctors from all over the world. Will you help us fighting infectious diseases?


What is a virus?

What goes through your mind when you think of the word virus? The flu? Scary diseases you could get in the tropics? Or were you thinking of that movie where evil scientists create a zombie virus? All of those things hold a part of the story of viruses…

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Where do viruses come from?

Viruses exist all over the world. Many of the most dangerous viruses however, are more common in tropical and subtropical regions. The flu is found everywhere, but Dengue and Zika aren’t as widespread. Why is that?…

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How do we research a virus?

Viruses may be small and can’t live on their own, but they are still pretty smart. This is because there is one thing that viruses can do extremely well: evolve…

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How do viruses spread through food or water?

Everyday we need clean food and water to stay alive and healthy. Unfortunately, not everywhere in the world can food and water be stored or prepared safely…

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How do viruses spread through mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are not only very annoying when you try to fall asleep, they can also cause many virus infections. Sander Koenraad of the Wageningen University explains…

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How do viruses spread through rodents?

Tiptoeing under the floor or rummaging through your cupboard, rodents are also a way for viruses to enter your home. Marco Goeijenbier of the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam tells us many rodents can carry viruses with them…

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How do viruses spread through the air?

Some of the most common viruses, like the flu, travel through the air. Dr Musofa in Surabaya, Indonesia tells us there are two ways viruses can travel through the air…

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How do viruses spread through blood?

One of the most well known viruses is transmitted through blood: HIV. When you have unsafe sexual contact, HIV or other blood-borne viruses can be transmitted through blood…

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Masterclass Presentations

The presentations were made by our Viruskenner Coaches. The presentations provide you more information about the different types of viruses.

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How does vaccination work?

Vaccines work via your adaptive immune system. Press the button and learn more about vaccination.

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