Playing, thinking and creating

Theatre arena

A theatre arena about stigma and taboo surrounding HIV and AIDS. In this workshop actors play scenes from the real lives of people living with HIV and / or AIDS. Various themes are discussed through the perspective of family, friends, work, love and more. After each scene participants get discussion time through the statement cards we hand out. At the end there is discussion time with the whole room. The theatre arena proves that storytelling is highly effective in making big subjects relatable.


During the drawing workshop teams get to work together in a different scenery than they did before. During Viruskenner participants focussed on one specific transmission route and virus. During the workshop they map everything they have learned and the solution they have made as a team. In this way the whole learning journey of the project gets clear in a creative way. Teams are even allowed to use their poster during the Viruskenner final day, when teams pitch their prevention tool/solution to a professional jury.