The presentations are made by the Viruskenner Coaches!

Infectious diseases around the corner

Presentation of Prof. Eric C.M. van Gorp

This presentation provides more information about the different infectious diseases. Moreover, it shows us the most important components of ‘Emergency Management’: Identify, Action, Prepare, Prevent.

The Virologist as a Researcher

Presentation of Thomas Langerak, MD, PhD Candidate

In this presentation Thomas Langerak gives us more information about the ‘Zika Virus’.

Living with HIV

Presentation of Jan van Beek, Nurse Practitioner  

Jan van Beek teaches us more about ‘Living with HIV’.

Bloodborne Viruses

Presentation of Leanne van Leeuwen, Coach Viruskenner

Leanne van Leeuwen teaches us more about ‘Bloodborne viruses’.

Rodent Borne Viruses

Presentation of Danny Noack, Coach Viruskenner

This presentation provides more information about ‘Rodent borne diseases’

Product Design & Field lab

Presentation of Marlies Wagener, Coach Viruskenner

This presentation provides more information about ‘Product design’ and how the use the ‘Field Lab’

Mosquito Borne Viruses

Presentation of Thomas Langerak, Coach Viruskenner

Coach Thomas Langerak teaches us more about ‘Mosquito Borne Viruses’

Water and Food Borne Viruses

Presentation of Kirby Tong-Minh, Coach Viruskenner

Coach Kirby teaches us more about ‘Food and water  borne viruses’ like Norovirus and Hepatitis A.

AirBorne Viruses

Presentation of Matthijs Raadsen, Coach Viruskenner

Matthijs Raadsen tells us more about ‘Airborne Viruses’ like Covid-19 in this presentation.