Our winning students, who have participated in the Viruskenner project last year, have been mentioned on the ScienceMakers channels!! How great! Congratulations!

Sciencemakers is THE PODIUM FOR YOUNG TALENT in science, technology and making. Competitions in the fields of science, technology and making take place every year throughout the Netherlands. The most brilliant discoveries, brilliant inventions, cool ideas and special concepts come together once a year at Sciencemakers. All winners of these competitions will then be honoured on behalf of the Netherlands during the ScienceMakers Awards.

Our 3 winners were also honoured during the awards. They have selected a virus and examined it thoroughly. After that they have created a solution that prevents contamination and/or spread of the virus.

Good job!

See here the winners:

Fluga en watermovement device: https://sciencemakers.nl/projecten/2021/fluga-en-water-movement-device

Aquamove: https://sciencemakers.nl/projecten/2021/aquamove

Rices: https://sciencemakers.nl/projecten/2021/rices