Viruskenner Suriname 2024 is a fact.
On January 25, Eric van Gorp, Hans kruining, Katrijn Daenen and Jan van Beek left Schiphol Airport with fully packed suitcases for Suriname to organize the Viruskenner kick off at the participating schools ” Arthur Hoogendoorn” and ” Nassy Brouwer College” in Paramaribo. Locally this year Georgina Aron was also present to run the program on the spot.
At both schools we found enthusiastic students with whom we started the project. There was a lot of interaction back and forth and the level was high.
This promises to be an interesting year for Viruskenner Suriname and expectations for the final day are high.
Many thanks to Ans Ngu and both principals who made this possible.
This year the final day of Viruskenner Suriname will take place online on March 13 and both schools will also join the international final day of Viruskenner 2024 on April 23.
Have a great day.

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