Hi Everyone, My name is Lydia and I’m one of the coaches! Currently, I work in the vaccines department of a pharmaceutical company. This summer, I graduated with a master’s degree in Health Sciences, specializing in international public health. During this master I studied prevention, infectious diseases, and health in general. I want to share an example of what I learned during one of my favorite courses: Culture and Health.Have you ever thought about what feeling healthy means to you? Perhaps it means you don’t have a headache today. Or that you had a good night’s sleep leaving you feeling energetic. Or maybe it means your didn’t run out of breath during your football game.Being healthy holds a different meaning for everyone. What’s interesting is that the interpretation of health can also differ per country or culture.For example, the symptoms of depression have been compared across countries. One study found that in the U.S., patients tend to show more psychological symptoms, such as feeling sad. In Japan, patients tend to show more physical symptoms like stomachaches or neck pain. This is an example of how there are differences in how some conditions are felt or understood around the world.That wraps up this blog! See you soon, Lydia