Hi everyone! We wish you a very happy new year and the best wishes for 2023! 

On the second day of 2023 we are glad to share a new blog with you of Jinske:

My name is Jinske and I’m a student at the VU University in Amsterdam. I am studying Health & life science. I’m currently in my final year, doing a minor in neuropsychology and aiming to get my bachelor degree in July. In addition to my studies, I work at the AMC hospital in Amsterdam in the department of psychiatry.

A few years ago, I participated as a student at the viruskenner project myself! We worked in a group on a project about the influenza virus, and we finished with a presentation at the NEMO museum in Amsterdam. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from it. It was one of my first encounters with the medical world, and partly due to this, I realized that I’m really interested in biology and that I wanted to pursue a career in health science in the future.

Understanding how viruses work, how they spread, and most importantly, how to stop the transmission of viruses, is something I think is really important and fascinating.

I am super excited and looking forward to become one of the viruskenner coaches of this year!