Viruskenner next edition next generation

A warm welcome to Belgium, Italy, Surinam and the Netherlands joining in the 16th edition of the international Viruskenner project with more than 1000 participating students.


Next generation

In an every day changing world, we really need the next generation to create, innovate, stimulate, communicate and collaborate and in so doing find solutions to prevent the spread of new emerging viruses. Coming to solutions means combining the power of so many different skills from so many different students from so many different countries. The power of the next generation, no doubt about it.


The corner of the earth

In the way we are living, the way we are behaving, the intensity we are travelling, we are getting more and more vulnerable, if we don’t change we are losing control. The net effect is that the risk for the spread of new emerging infections is increasing. Climate change has a direct effect on our environment, and the way our environment, planet earth is effected, directly effects the risk for the spread of new emerging viruses. This circle should be broken.


Two sides of the coin

The negative impact of the way we are living is one side of the coin, but at the other side of the coin we can use the positive impact of awareness, responsibility and community between people. Awareness, responsibility, connectivity and community stimulate in finding creative sustainable solutions. The power of connectivity and community.



A virus free world is not realistic and not what we aim for. We aim for a world in control, which means living in harmony in a cultural, societal and ecological way.


A warm welcome to all students on behalf of the Viruskenner team and so glad you’re taking the challenge to work on a sustainable society. Have a good time in the Viruskenner community.