Hi everyone,

2022…..a new year has started…a year full of chances. Chances for new developments, personal, at school, with friends…but also the chance to change your lifestyle.

Eat the veggies your parents give you, take the stairs instead of the lift, wash your hands frequently, do your everyday workout and leave your phone downstairs in order to sleep well. What do you think? Is this your target for 2022? And if it is your target what will it mean for your risk on infectious diseases? In this Corona-pandemic we know that a healthy lifestyle is very important in the prevention of infectious diseases. We also know that it is very difficult for people, young and old, to obtain and sustain a healthy lifestyle. In my work as a teacher and researcher at the for life and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences we are continuously looking fo the best ways to reach people and to motivate them in obtaining a healthy lifestyle. And that’s why we really need your help! Please help us in the development of innovative methods to reach our overall goal: healthy people with less chance on infectious diseases! I am looking forward meeting you.

Marlies Wagener