Blog Eric C.M. van Gorp – Professor in Virology and founder of the international Viruskenner project

A warm welcome to all students participating in the 14th Viruskenner edition!

Viruskenner; knowledge as antivirus.

All new Viruskenner participants from Italy, Surinam and the Netherlands a very warm welcome from the Viruskenner team. The coming months you will be introduced in the magic world of viruses and infectious diseases. You will learn about viruses, how do they spread, about prevention, lifestyle and hygiene.

You are becoming experts in the field of prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. Think, dream, be curious and create new tools to spread the information people need to prevent getting sick and the spread of viruses. Learn about responsibility, if I protect myself I’ll also protect you and together we take care for a healthy environment. A healthy environment is the corner of the earth. Learn about the one health approach, which means that you think about human, animal and environmental aspects, when it concerns the spread of viruses. And don’t forget ‘simple often is the best’. Simple tools and methods, easy to implement and use, often are the most effective with the highest societal impact.

In the course of the project we will organise a masterclass on infectious diseases and there will be an exciting international final day in April 2022 with the best teams presenting for an international jury. Just go for it and visit the Viruskenner website to find information and learn to know your coach.