Two years ago LenS photography and the Cirion / Viruskenner foundation entered into an inspiring collaboration on the theme of virus infections. Over the past two years, this collaboration has resulted in a unique photo series. Several works have already been exhibited at international exhibitions, but now the entire series is shown in a pop up exposition in the Huidenstraat 13 Amsterdam from 17-22 November 2020 and later in the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.

At the end of 2018, the collaboration between LenS Photography (Linda Grool and Sabine Heetebrij) and Viruskenner started, a project to introduce high school students in the Netherlands and abroad to viruses and virus infections. For Viruskenner, LenS went in search of a way to represent the concept of virus in a visual, creative way. This led to questions such as: What is a virus, how does it arise? But also: what emotions does it evoke and what does it do to people? How can you represent that in a creative way?

Now we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and the whole world is under the spell of a real virus and the personal and societal impact with all emotions and uncertainties are the order of the day! We experience firsthand what it is like to be trapped in an unknown virus. The Corona virus puts the Virus and Host series in a different light, yet the work is by no means gloomy.

Linda has studied the unknown virus for her series, what is it, how does it arise and how does it multiply? Sabine has focused on what happens when you are hit by a virus. Using parts of the individual images, new images have been compiled that tell the story of the intimate relationship between the virus and the host. A relationship that is under severe pressure. The result is a classic love story that is sometimes frightening, sometimes hopeful, sometimes enchanting, sometimes sad, sometimes unsettling and sometimes challenging.

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