Last week was the final day of Viruskenner 2022. Once again, the project is more actual than ever. For example, participating schools had to continue with the project from home due to the measures regarding Corona. Previous editions usually had a live final day, this year the final and the announcement of the winners took place online again, just like last year.

The expert jury has seen and judged great presentations. Content, creativity/innovation and social impact were considered.

The Viruskenner winners of 2022 are:

From the Damstede College: Luce, Prethama, Akasja, Ariana and Youp! Congratulations!! They won the prize for creativity.

The winners who won the prize of Content are Tamara, Olivier, Xinxin and Sergio, from the KKC!! Well done. They invented a dinosaur soap.

The Social Impact prize went to the Christelijk Lyceum Delft. Congratzzz Cato, Hamza, Thijmen and Yara!

The big winners from Suriname were; first nominated from the Hoogendoorn College, the group Youth against HIV. Jewel, Aryan, Jaden, Kaya and Desiree have created a wonderful informative website. In addition, they spread their knowledge and information on various social media channels. Awesome!

The second team from Suriname, nominated by the Nassy Brouwer, made a real feature film about Corona. Called Covid Netflix. Jamal, Shemar, Kammy, James and Amy were the fun actors in this movie. And they spread the following message: Don’t be reckless with Covid, it can have serious consequences, so get vaccinated!

Of all the Italian entries from the ITT Buonarroti in Trento, not 1 team has won, but even 2!! The jury couldn’t choose.. And decided to go for 2 teams. The first team of Danilo, Daniele, Federico, Giacano, Franscesco. And the other team consist of Oscar, Milco en Mohammed. Both teams did a great job, well done smart young researchers!

Congratulations to all winners! The prizes have been sent to you! To all participants, teachers, schools: thank you for this special edition together and see you next year!

Team Viruskenner