A very special, inspirational, fun occasion


Are you between the ages of 15-21 and passionate about contributing to the global fight to end HIV/AIDS?

Join HIV Next Generation, a FREE workshop designed for the next generation of leaders in health care, research, policy, program management, activism and advocacy surrounding HIV.

As a 3 day program (from July 22 until July 24) filled with exciting talks, activities and opportunities to experience “real world” scenarios, participants will find their place as a future leader within one or more disciplines but to also present possible solutions and put them to practice in the real world.

Students can expect:

• Real-life experiences from the community
• Inspirational activities/ lectures by the world’s leading experts, including Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, discoverer of HIV and Nobel Prize winner
• A stage to voice their perspective and solutions and put them into practice in the real world

Come and join us! Registration via this link:

And – of course – don’t forget to check the HIV NEXT GEN website!