Last Tuesday, April 20, the International Final Day of Viruskenner 2021 has taken place. Another special edition, since the Finalday was broadcasted online via Zoom from the AV Brothers studio in Amersfoort. The classes from Italy, Suriname and the Netherlands followed the Live broadcast from home or from the school. During the broadcast beautiful introductory films were shown and the winning films were shared.

This year the project is more actual than ever, previously we had the idea that viruses are often far away, in countries far away from us. But since the beginning of 2020 we also deal with a pandemic. This emphasises the essence of Viruskenner: create awareness about viral diseases in order to prevent them. Knowledge is the key factor in this and serves as an antivirus.

During the International Final Day, 40 final films of the students were judged. The students showed their innovative solutions and prevention ideas to prevent the spread of a particular virus in de videos. Subsequently, an expert jury judged all the submitted films on the basis of three main aspects: Societal impact, creativity and content. In the end, five big winners were chosen!

A special and warmly thanks to some very important people for Viruskenner:

Foundation Technasium 

The whole organisation, partners and sponsors

The Jury 

The Viruskenner Coaches

The schools and their teachers

The students 


Watch the aftermovie of Viruskenner’s spectacular Final Day 2021 below: