Congratulations everyone!

Last Tuesday, April 20, the Finale Day of Viruskenner 2021 has taken place. This was another special edition the online live meeting was broadcasted from AV Brothers in Amersfoort . The classes from Italy, Suriname and the Netherlands followed the Live broadcast online from home or from the school. Beautiful introductory films were shown and the winning films were shared.

The expert jury had a difficult task in the morning before the entire program began. They had to determine who would become the big winners. During the assessment of the great presentations and videos, there was extra attention paid to content, creativity and social impact.


Fien, Joek, Loes and Viggo from the Keizer Karel College in Amstelveen. They won the prize for Societal impact. The students have created a prevention tool  against the West Nile virus. It calls “AQUAMOVE”, aquamove moves stagnant water through bubbles. So the mosquitoes will not enter that water and therefore no new eggs will hatch.

From Suriname, Noa, Esperanza, Ann-Ghya, Samyra and Ishan won the Arthur Alex Hoogendorn Atheneum in Paramaribo. They made a reading book about the Hantavirus. In the story cat Gya takes you on an adventure in her house. She tells you everything about how people can become more aware of the Hantavirus and how we can protect ourselves against it. The booklet is beautifully illustrated and we would recommend it to everyone.

The group of, Rinze, Emilia, Ryan and Isa from the Ulenhof College took the prize of Creativity! Congratulations. To combat Chikungunya virus, this team designed a fashion line with beautiful colourful garments. They created an entire Tie Dye line with their own ingredients. Besides that it looks really nice, it is environmentally friendly and repels mosquitoes. There is also a detergent that also protects us against the virus during the washing of the clothing. What a creative and good prevention tool.

Then we fly to Italy, to the ITT Buonarroti in Trento, this time Alessandro, Christian, Daniel and Eric won. They emphasised the seriousness of the Mers Corona virus by creating a clear film. This spreads the knowledge and uses this as an antivirus. Well done.

Last but not least, the winners of the content have become… Ires, David, Nina and Sara, also from Ulenhof College, they have made a prevention tool against the West Nile virus. The “Water movement device” moves stagnant water, to prevent mosquitos. They also came up with a skin product called “FLUGA”, which is available as shampoo, shower gel and sunscreen.

Congratulations to all winners! The prices have been sent to you!

To all participants, teachers and schools: Thank you very much for this special edition together and for all the great new prevention resources. Every year we are amazed by the new innovative ideas. Hope to see you next year.

Watch the winning videos below: