Last Monday, January 11, we successfully launched the Viruskenner Kick-off 2021. Students and teachers from ITT Buonarroti and Keizer Karel College participated in a journey through the landscape of infectious diseases.

The zoom session was directed by Valéry van Gorp. In the first hour, there was an informative program for the teachers and educators. They gained more information about all the ins&outs of the Viruskenner project. Afterwards, in the second part of the session, the students joined the zoom. By that time, more than 180 people watched the Viruskenner Zoom session, amazing! During this part, firstly we started with an interesting presentation of Coach Marlies Wagener, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam , about “Hygiene and Lifestyle as the cornerstone of prevention of infectious diseases’. Then, Professor Eric van Gorp, from the Erasmus university hospital, gave us a detailed lecture about ‘Infectious diseases anno 2021’. Host Valéry van Gorp guided us through the timeline of the Viruskenner project. Finally, Mélise Sickmann ended the session with an introduction of the Viruskenner coaches. Furthermore, as website creator, she provided us more information about the online support and platform.

Moreover, this year, we have a GIVE-AWAY!! Post your most funny/creative Work-in-progress picture/video! Share the photo or video on Instagram and tag @Virus.kenner.

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For all participants we hope you will have a good time and we hope we will be surprised by your creativity in finding solutions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and future pandemics.