The winners of Viruskenner 2020 have been announced!

It was a very special edition in Viruskenner history. The project is more actual than ever. When we started this edition in all the countries last January, we were talking of a dangerous virus, far away. We couldn’t imagine how it would take over the world in the last months.

Nevertheless, participating schools continued the project from home. The project had live final days in all previous editions, but this year the final and the announcement of the winners took place online.

The expert jury has seen great presentations. They reviewed three pillars: content, creativity / innovation and social impact.

And the Viruskenner winners of 2020 are:

Ellen-Fay, Edward, Tijmen and Nauli of the Keizer Karel College in The Netherlands have won the award for Best substantive design. This team explained their idea for a text message alert in combination with a website and app by means of a stop motion film, which contains extensive information about the Hepatitis A virus.

Stan, Sander and Jens from the Keizer Karel College took the prize in the Creativity category. To prevent infections with the Hantavirus, this team had developed a smart mousetrap that contains a urine sensor that can recognize the Hanta virus.

The prize for the design with the greatest social impact went to Pien, Milou and Suze from the Ulenhof College in The Netherlands. They have designed a door handle containing UVC light. This light kills bacteria and viruses and is used in laboratories for sterilization of spaces. This innovative solution kills most viruses and bacteria, making it a design that can improve overall hygiene and prevent many nasty infections. This could have a major impact worldwide.

Of all Italian entries from the ITT Buonarroti in Trento, the team that focused on Dengue has won. They have made a beautiful informative website about the virus.

To all the winners: congratulations and a big shout out to you!
To all participants, teachers, schools: thank you for this special edition together and see you next year, we hope in different circumstances!

Team Viruskenner