Last days the Viruskenner team visited Suriname! The semifinals took place at the secondary schools Arthur Alex Hoogendoorn and Nassy Brouwer College. And how!! The jury was extremely impressed by all the presentations, flyers, films and prevention tools that were designed by the students.

In the last months, several teams have jumped  into the deep world of viruses. The teams managed to transfer their knowledge in the right creative way. So they brought more awareness among each other.

The jury first visited Hoogendoorn college. All groups showed their hard work in the form of several English presentations. The jury have seen a lot: game boards, songs, a natural vaccine, you name it, the teams created it. Magnificent! It was very difficult for our Dutch-Surinam jury. Ultimately, based on content, creativity and social impact, 4 big winners were selected. They can participate in the grand Finals on April 14th.

Then the jury went to Nassy Brouwer… again very surprised. The fourth graders came with original plays and true featured films about, among other things, Covid-19 and Hepatitis A. Here, 4 teams were selected also for the Finals.

The jury was very satisfied with the overall level of this year’s Viruskenner project. Some students have had to deal with the difficulties of COVID-19. Nevertheless, they were still enthusiastic and have, with great pleasure, invested many hours in raising awareness of viral diseases. Solutions to these viral problems were also considered at various levels and everyone went home satisfied and full of new knowledge.

Viruskenner looks back on a successful edition in Suriname!