A week ago Viruskenner visited the Buonarroti school in Italy to do a two day seminar! The workshop was about responsiveness to pandemic emerging situations. Two experts from the Netherlands came to Trento to do an interactive program with the students. The Seminar was a success and the students did a really good job!! The two experts gave a lecture about emerging infectious diseases and a lecture about Red Cross and crisis management; how to respond in crisis situations. After the presentations we also did a kahoot so we saw that the students had learned something from it.Then the students worked in small groups on a fictional case that was happening in Trentino. They made a plan of action on how to control the emergency of a new virus outbreak in the region of Trentino. How to think, design and respond to the situation. After the plan was made, the students worked on a communication strategy. They had to think about how to inform people about the emergency of a new virus outbreak in the region of Trentino. After this, each group of students presented their plan to the class in English. We were very happy to see how good the students could speak English!! We were also amazed at the quality of the presentations the students had made in a short time.After the presentations we chose a winner who had made the best plan of action. The first winner was a group who had made a really nice video about how to control the situation.The other group had looked at the situation in a very realistic and well-thought-out way and based their plan on this.The two experts were very pleased with the outcome of your final product. You have made the overall level very high!! We hope to see you again soon.