After 9 weeks of hard work, last wednesday was decided which groups were the Viruskenners 2015! Six schools have competed with each other from the beginning to the end and the best group per school presented their prevention tool for a specific virus on the Final Day.

Johannes Fontanus College started the day with their presentation of the  ‘Keutelzuiger 2.0’ (litterally translated as ‘dropping hoover’) as a prevention tool for hantaviruses.

Maris College was next with their catchy advertisement to promote parents to get their children vaccinated against measles.

Thereafter, Keizer Karel College (KKC) showed their developed ‘PAH-line’, which means ‘Products against HIV’. The products existed of underwear with special boxes for condoms so you have them always with you.

Caland Lyceum presented their ‘Ebola No Hands Challenge’. With this campaign they would like to raise awareness of how Ebola is transmitted by making movies of people who eat yoghurt without hands.

Then it was Dalton Lyceum’s turn. Their school was lucky to get the chance that two groups might show their ideas, because one school dropped out and their second best group was chosen by the coaches. Their first group developed a mosquito hoover for dengue and the second one an interferon mask for influenza.

Christelijk Lyceum from Delft was the last school that presented their prevention method. They did a sweat experiment and with this research they tried to find a new antimosquito ingredient to prevent dengue.

After you have read all this, you must think, wow that pupils have done very good research, learned a lot and have been very creative. At least, that is what we thought! The jury, that consisted of 8 men specialist on different subjects, had the heavy task to choose which group was the best. Happily, they could choose two groups, one group for the best idea with respect to the content and one group with the most innovative idea.

While the tension was mounting, the jury asked the representatives from Indonesia and Suriname in front. They would hand over the prices to the winning teams. Then the jury announced, that it was a very special day, with a lot of great presentations but that they had chosen one group with the most innovative idea, and this one was the school from Amsterdam, Caland Lyceum with their ‘Ebola No Hands Challenge’. Then the other winner was asked to come in front, and this team was the best in content, this was Keizer Karel College from Amstelveen, with their ‘Products against HIV’!

I almost forgot to tell that there had also a quiz taken place. In this Viruskenner quiz all pupils and teachers could participate and this was very exciting as well.  Eventually, KKC might also receive the award for the best knowledge in the quiz. Thijs, a pupil from Johannes Fontanus College was the individual winner of the Viruskenner quiz, he did a very good job by answering the most questions correct!

Are you curious how this day looked like? Here you will see the pictures of this day, which are made by Henk Hoff.

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